NPDI was created in January 1990, shortly after the transfer of Professor Arnaldo de Albuquerque from the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Paraíba to the department of computer science at the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

From the beginning, NPDI always sought to interact with other institutions, developed applied research and sought solutions and methodologies for the problems of its partners, among them, we can mention: UFMG, CECOR, Pathological Anatomy, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacology, Geosciences, and Regionally, CDTN / CNEN, CETEC, FUNED, APM, PRODEMGE, SSP / MG.

Through the International Cooperation Agreement CAPES / COFECUB Proc. 204/97/99, from January 1997 to February 2001, involving the Brazilian side, UFMG and UNICAMP, and on the French side, a Higher School of Engineering in Electronics and Electronics - ESIEE Paris, we were able to officialize an old interaction, initiated in 1989, in addition to strengthening our human research and training activities. Following this agreement, we were able to try out two more CAPES / COFECUB project projects: Proc. 396/02/04, effective 2002 and December 2005, and Proc. 592/08, effective from 2008 and December 2011.

The system of these agreements finances four work missions per year, two in the BR / FR direction and two in the opposite direction. It also involves study missions for doctoral and postdoctoral studies. In the case of the doctorate, there are two possibilities: 12-month internship (sandwich mode) and 18 months (co-tutela modality, in which students receive diplomas from Brazilian and foreign HEIs). It was through our project that the first defense in co-tutela of UFMG happened.

In addition to allowing us a constant technological update, this industry with France has facilitated our contact with the following French companies:

– École Nationale Supérieure D’Électronique et ses Applications - ENSEA, Équipe Traitement d’Images et du Signal - ETIS, Cergy Pontoise

– École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications – ENST Paris

– École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris - ENSMP, Centre de Morphologie Mathematique - CMM, Fontainebleau

– Université Pierre Et Marie Curie – Paris 6, Laboratoire D’Informatique de Paris 6 – LIP6

Our first forays into the area of image bases go back to the 90s and were developed together with prof. Luiz Souza from CECOR / UFMG. They involved the analysis of x-ray images of wooden statues and the development of a prototype database for historical documents and the analysis of infrared photographic images of paintings. Others followed, such as RECICOR, coordinated by prof. Luiz Souza, and GUIGNARD, coordinated by Prof. Claudina Moresi. With the Public Mining Archive (APM), we developed a prototype multimedia information system for the collection of documents of former president Arthur Bernardes. This prototype motivated the direction of the APM to raise external resources in order to digitize new collections of its rich collection.

In our line of research on visual information retrieval based on content, we have worked with databases of historical photographs, web images, and the detection of events in digital videos, where we have obtained important results. We started in September 2007 with SumSys, a technology-based company focused on the development of software solutions for image and video processing.

The training of postgraduate students has been a constant concern of our activities. Thus, in this period, we were able to train six PhDs and 29 masters in the field of IDP, in addition to the orientation of about 60 undergraduate students. Our results have been published in more than 100 articles of congress and periodicals.